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Stupid Deaths (TF2 + Horrible Histories Crossover)
See description at bottom if you're confused!
"Stupid deaths, stupid deaths: they're funny, 'cause they're true
Stupid deaths, stupid deaths: hope next time, it's not you!"

He had been chanting that same mantra over and over again for as long as he could remember. He had also sat there in that booth surrounded by his skeletal judges for as long as he could remember, reviewing the deaths of all of those who crossed the veil (Which was, unavoidably, everyone who came to walk the earth in the first place). At first it was somewhat interesting, in a morbid way, listening to whatever story each and every person had to tell of their demise. It was a little strange, he thought, how calm they could be about it. He'd never forget how surprised he was when he first heard someone describe their horrible death in excruciating detail as casually as they might discuss the weather. He supposed once you realised you no longer had to worry about the overhanging threat of death,
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Journal History

1. Spell out your user and name with a song beginning with each letter
2. Tag as many people as there are letters

Stole this from Cynderheart >w>

Of course I find this after I change my username to the long one *screams* but i wanna do it anyway >:3c


A - Another Day of Sun - La La Land
I - I Won't Say I'm in Love - Hercules
N - Nyeh Heh Heh! - Toby Fox (Undertale)

I - Invader Zim - Main theme - Kevin Manthei
N - No Logic - Megurine Luka (Vocaloid - Project DIVA Arcade)
D - Downtown - Mackelmore
I - It's Over, Isn't It? - Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe)
V - Vuelie - Frozen
I - I Am Moana - Moana
D - Dragon Racing - John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon 2)
U - Undertale - Toby Fox
A - American Idiot - Green Day
L - Live and Learn - Crush 40 (.......Sonic Adventure 2)

... I'd say this is a pretty good summary of my music tastes XD I tag Samrot, abacada123, Herobula and SimonAlkenmayer owo I don't know enough people to follow the rules XD

Have fun and I hope y'all enjoyed the music I linked ^w^
  • Listening to: Aside from the music listed, crickets outside
  • Reading: The Tale of Desperaux
  • Watching: My Hero Academia Season 2
  • Playing: Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX
  • Eating: Dinner soon
  • Drinking: Apple/Mango juice


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Pippinpaddlopsicopalous III
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Music that soothes my soul: 'Easter' by Alexandre Desplat, 'Flying With Mother'/'Dragon Racing'/'Forbidden Friendship' by John Powell

Don't feel afraid to comment on my pictures! :) I try my best to be considerate, and to treat as many people as I can with respect. :)

I specialise in animals, humans, and emotion. I'm not bad at non-living things (furniture, buildings etc) but I'm still getting the hang of plants. XP

I do have a fanfiction account, right here: But I tend to stay away from shipping and I fandom hop a lot. : P I don't update there nearly as much as I do here, but a few reviews and feedback would be very much appreciated! ^v^

I go back and forth a lot with stuff I draw - sometimes I ooze angst and depressing works, but sometimes I do cheerful, happy, and just plain goofy things. X) If you like what you see then I am very humbled! ^^

Also if you hadn't noticed already I use the heck out of emoticons. You have been warned. :dummy:

I hope you enjoy your stay~ :meow:

ART - Stamp by forstyy

So I was really wanting to draw a dragon in that style where they look really cool and intimidating, like Smaug or the dragons from GoT, so I did some practicing and realised. They all have heads that kind of look like a T-Rex. SO! I did some practice and designed my own dragon based off a T-Rex! :D He also has horns based off a Horny Toad:…

I love him and am so glad I could draw a scary dargon >:3
....Inktober started yesterday oops. oXo Idk what to draw though!!! I'm thinking maybe my charas? I have enough to last a month. "XD K I'm gonna do it!!! If I faulter remind me ò vó I'M READY
Fiiinally made a GIF for my profile pic ;v; am I cool yet
Fffff it's September already friggin'
This is the fastest year of my life Uni has been rushing it forward like it thinks it's Sonic like dang Christmas is 3 months away >:o
EY Y'ALL Herobula IS DOIN COMMISSIONS their style is so nice and chubby and their art is really likeable and well-thought-out, it would be great if you guys stopped by and checked their stuff out! :D…


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